Friday, April 18, 2014

Congratulations to our newest EBOARD!!!!

You guys earned it!

Please welcome they newbies:

President: Patrick Dent

Vice President: Emmitt Wright

Recording Sec: Cassa Niedringhaus

Treasurer: Brett Blake

Initiate Advisor: Matt Gandy

Rush Chair: Varun Bajaj

Corresponding Sec: Elise Henn

Historian: Zeke Piskulich

Brother at Large: Elizabeth Daugherty

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rush PSP!

Welcome welcome!!

Rush is upon us again!!

Want to find out all about Phi Sigma Pi? 

Come to our info nights on January 29th and 30th!

Info nights will be in Physics 126 from 7-9pm

They wont take the whole time, but we encourage you to stay after and meet some bros!

We're pretty cool, I swear.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stone Hill Winery Tour & Tasting

On Saturday, many of our Brothers and initiates took a trip to Hermann, Missouri where they toured the scenic Stone Hill Winery. Brothers and initiates traveled over an hour away to learn about the history of the winery, as well as the inner workings, while getting to see the many cellars where the wine is stored. (Cool winery fact we loved: the inside of the building was completely covered by mushrooms for a few years!)

We're SO happy the Psis have jumped right in and joined the Brothers in our outings!

After the tour, which lasted about 30 minutes, Brothers over 21 tasted many different samples the winery produces. And don't worry, Brothers and Initiates under 21 were served sparkling grape juice.

Before leaving the winery and beautiful town of Hermann, Brothers already began talking about making another trip soon to explore the town!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Psi-ched For Our Newest Initiate Class!

After an incredibly successful, well run recruitment, the Delta-Xi chapter of Phi Sigma Pi welcomed 21 new initiates of the Psi class.  Our chapter could not be more pleased with the quality of the new members.  

Just a sample our new Psi Class!

The Psis celebrated their Pinning ceremony on Thursday, February 23rd.  After all the initiates received their pins, they were subjected (not everyone can sing as well as Adele!) to our two fraternal songs. 

The Tau class commemorates Pinning with a class picture.

Some of our brothers celebrated by wearing copious amounts of sweater vests.

This class has already commenced their bonding by having a class dinner and attended their first initiate class on February 26th.  Everyone truly enjoyed the ceremony and we could not be more excited to watch as this class transition into brothers!

A full list of our new initiates:
Alexander Ralph
Andrew Pelikan
Brandon Pleimann
Brian Czaicki
Chen (Jenny) Jao
Crystal Thomas
Danielle Ellis
Drake Pistole
Emily Pfitzinger
Ian Pauley
Jacob Ward
Katie Roach
Kelsey Kupferer
Kendra Lumpkin
Laura Willenbring
Michael Bracciano
Natalie Maggiore
Robert Clark
Roderick Fields Jr.
Tony Puricelli
Yuliya Kim

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Final Days of Recruitment

Tonight is the night - we're voting on the new Psi class! We have had an AMAZING spring recruitment. Our first round events included game night, trivia night, trash pick up and more. Second round, we had events like Dinner with Brothers, Interviews, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Bro Builder. 

Interviews, for me, are and always have been my favorite rush event. It's truly the best way to get to know the potentials and decipher how they fit into the legs of our tripod: scholarship, leadership and fellowship. This event is usually held at Stotler Lounge in Memorial Union and is conducted under a business casual dress.

While brothers spice up the mood with a few fun and laid back questions, there are many serious ones to help us choose the best new Brothers. For example, questions like "what's your definition of success?" and "what did you learn from you biggest failure?" are sure to be asked by current Brothers. The Interview round always surprises and impresses me on every potentials' character and answer. 

Regardless, Phi Sigma Pi is extremely lucky on the quality and quantity of potentials that come out to rush every semester. I am SO excited to meet our new Psi class and to deliver their bids tonight - a tradition we love to uphold! 

Here are a few pictures at various recruitment events this past semester: 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the Words of Jaime

Tonight was the last event of the second round of recruitment, and it was a delicious one! Any event with the word “dessert” or “social” in it I can get behind is promising, and this one was a double whammy! 

Anyway, this semester’s rush process was one of the smoothest I have ever seen. We had great attendance, fantastically planned events, and tons of opportunities to meet potentials. 

We updated our Dinner with Brothers event to make a culture experience by having each house cook an ethnic meal. For example, Chi Him Ng hosted a dinner at her house with a breakfast theme!

 Chi Him Ng (Chi) and Tylor Talbott (Chi) prepare for Dinner with Brothers. 

 Thao Phuong Le (Chi), Claire Spralding (Chi) and Brian Jochems (Sigma) wait in line for their food.

 Brothers and Potential Brothers strike a goofy pose for the camera at their dinner!

Another event, the Legends of the Hidden Tripod, was a new addition, and it allowed us to emphasize scholarship, leadership, and pizza—I mean fellowship!  

I have never been more proud to be a member of the Delta Xi chapter of PSP. I have seen so many of my fellow Brothers come together in the past few weeks to make sure we get the best new members possible. I can’t wait to see what these new Psi’s can add to our chapter! Hopefully it means more dessert socials, am I right?!

- Jaime Cooke, Tau Class

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And So it Begins...

The same general feelings fill our Chapter around the beginning of each recruitment season: excitement, PSP love and an overwhelming sense for the amount of potentials that we are about to meet. Although our Spring recruitment is especially large, the size definitely brings in the best of the best. 

Those lovely smiles would make me want to join...

Delta Xi tabled in the Student Center before Recruitment began in order to promote our name and answer any questions from potential brothers about Phi Sigma Pi. Candy and Cheetos were passed out - along with a lot of excitement from both sides of the table. 

Then came the information nights on Wednesday and Thursday. Personally, the info nights are secretly my favorite part of recruitment. It was at one of the information nights my freshman year that I fell in love with Phi Sigma Pi, and I sincerely enjoy introducing others to this wonderful organization.
Several Potentials preparing themselves to be moved around the Chess board by Brothers.
The first round of recruitment lasted one week long: Feb. 6-14. We kicked this round off with our the Larger than Life Game Night, which was a huge success! We played games like Ninja, Twister, Life-Sized Chess, etc.

Some other events included during this week were Amazing Race, Trash Pickup, and (everyone's favorite) TRIVIA, which all exemplify our tripod in some manner. For example, the Trash Pickup centered around our love for volunteerism - which everyone seemed to enjoy, regardless of the chilly weather. During Trivia Night, Harry Potter geeks rallied at the scholarship round centered on in-depth Harry Potter facts.